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Micro Coffee Roaster.



Current Roasts 


Guatemalan La Pinada, Santiago Chimaltenango, Huehuetenango

Sweet and chocolatey, packing a juicy citric punch. A quaffable drip or a rich espresso!

PROFILE: chocolate + honey + citric

ELEVATION: 1400 - 1550m

PROCESS: Fully washed after pulping and fermenting, then dried on raised beds under solar canopy

CERTIFICATIONS: Fair Trade // Organic




Rwanda Maraba District Of Butare Province

If you in the mood for something slightly exotic give this excellent coffee a try and wow your taste buds with something special.

PROFILE: Dates +.Golden Raisin + Toffee + Bright Acidity

ELEVATION: 1650-2000m

PROCESS: Washed + Sun Dried



Brazil IPE

The Brazil Ipê is a high-quality blend directly sourced for its great value and classic taste profile. Named after the famous colorful tree that speckles the landscape of Brazil's gorgeous Minas Gerais, this coffee provides a great option for blends, espresso, cold brew, and auto-drip coffee.

PROFILE: caramel + milk chocolate + nutty


PROCESS: Natural


House Roast 

Columbia + Rwanda Blend, Jerico, Antioquia, Cyato

Comes from Jerico, Antioquia. Jerico is a small and very Catholic town, home to Colombia’s only canonized saint, Madre Laura. The town maintains a rich coffee culture but has limited access to resources. 60% Full City roast of the Colombian for the body, 20% City roast of the Colombian for brightness, and 20% City roast of Rwanda for a sweet finish. 

PROFILE: cherry + milk chocolate + sweet + syrupy body

ELEVATION: 1700-2000m


Dark Roast 

Various Regions

Designed to endure the rigors of dark roasting, and produce excellent pungent tastes, attractive bittersweet/carbon flavors, and great body.

PROFILE: cocoa + caramel + smoky


PROCESS: Sun + Machine


Ethiopia + Burnundi + Guatemala Blend

Full City+ roasts further develop the smokey layer, which lends wisps of sweet smoke to deep, dark, chocolatey low tones and a fruit candy flavor that brings to mind grape-flavored licorice.

PROFILE: sweet + chocolate + grape + licorice


PROCESS: Washed + Honey



Coffee lovers making coffee. 

Having spent the last 15 years making records with our friends in Chicago to working in entertainment in NYC or traveling the world with a group of funny blue clowns.

No matter where we were or who we were with, coffee was a part of our day-to-day. Whether with our portable espresso machine in a hotel room, a hand grinder, and pour over at the workbench or finding a great cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. 


With entertainment closing down and sending us back home to our hometown on 418 East St. All of those great coffee shops closing down, we missed the daily search of finding the perfect cup.


So what do we do? We find a way to make it ourselves.


We bought a small drum roaster and some high-quality green beans, and the journey of 418 Coffee Company began.


Please join us while we search for our perfect cup. 



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